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Self fulfilling prophecies

1) I am  a big fuck up, i feel like i am loosing the one and only girl who means the world to me because of my stupid paranoid feelings and would do anything to make that not happen :/
2) I am a very jellious person, in my mind i play everything like its okay until i face the reality of my problem and then i try running from it acting like nothing is wrong
3) Time By Time, I Get These Feelings That Something Bad Is Going To Happen Like, Something Bad That Is Going To Happen To Me Physcially Or Emotionally
And When I Get The Feeling Ususally Something Bad Does Happen.
4) My Biggest Fear Is Being Shot In the Back of the head while im walking, if im walking somewere late at night i feel as if someone is behind me with a gun getting ready to pull the trigger which my paranoid feelings kick in and i turn to look... i wish i could stop my paranoia
5) I Feel like im chasing a dream, being my secret nobody knows but i feel like the girl who i wanna be with is growing older with me (fading away), we say were each others she calls me hers and i call her mine but i cant really tell if she feels the same way "love" wise on the other end. i promised to be there for her no matter what and thats a promise i will uphold too but i feel like im in limbo being lost ....  i wish things would turn out in my favor but how can i tell if shes the same way with me without making it sound wierd asking ?  .. ehh please help :/

ps.. kay, this is a great site, i get alot off my chest when i post here and remaining secret :) alot of your advise and comments had helped me in the past ...if your ever in 17872 id like to get an autograph and a handshake lol your like a lifesaver, and thanks again i really appreciate it for all that youve done, this payday your getting a donation:)  

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

[Until you believe that you deserve her love, you will never be able to "tell" if she feels the same way. When it comes to love, there is no proof that can shake the power of your own beliefs. Get rid of your insecurities and your doubts will go with them.

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