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Yeah, you could say that

1. I have started throwing up 80% of what I eat everyday. I started a diet about 3 weeks ago and I guess you could say I've taken it to the extremes. I know its bad but I'm losing weight and that is what I have been desperately wanting for a long time.
2. I've had a threesome with my first serious boyfriend and his wife.
3. I sometimes wish I could just go and be free like when I was younger. I feel so old these days.
4. I feel like such an awful mother sometimes. Even though I love my kid more than life itself.
5. If I could toture and murder my father's father and get away with it I would in a heartbeat. He molested me for years and I fucking hate him! And his piece of shit son I unfortuantely call my father.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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