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Be Kind To Animals

1. Every emotion I have is "manufactured" for the people around me so I appear normal to them. I honestly "feel" nothing but anger & rage or indifference, for real.
2. I have killed men in combat when I was in the army. I never felt any guilt or remorse over it, I took no pleasure in it, but I did my job well... too well for Uncle Sam as a matter of fact...
3. I play with LEGO'S and nobody knows about it... It takes the edge off my day & mind when I do.
4. I pick up hitchhikers, hoping they will try to rob or hurt me so I can kill them, and save some innocent persons life who is just kind hearted and good.
5. I beat my neighbors ass half to death when his wife told me he poisoned my dog while I was in Iraq. He still doesent know it was me who attacked him outside the bar that night. Every time I see him walking with that cane now, I feel good inside. I loved that dog, had him 15 years.


  1. Yes, be kind to animals. Especially this one.

  2. That guy had it comin. He fed my dog antifreeze and he suffered... now that jerk suffers every day as a cripple. Plus now I'm banging his wife. Piss on him!


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