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Luckiest Guy In the World

1. When I turned 14 on my birthday I got my boyfriend to give me a birthday spanking with a paddle.

2. I had an affair with a married man starting when I was 16. He was the owner of a company that I had a summer job with when I was in high school. I worked there after school and full time during the summers. We would do it sometimes in his office and also in a house that he owned 2 blocks from the office, 2 or 3 times a week for over 4 years. He was a very well known man in town and very respected, I was on National Honor Society, a cheer leader and co-captain of the swim team. No one ever knew.

3. New years-eve my junior year in college I was baby sitting for a family that we knew. I was home on break wasn't doing anything and decided why not. This family and my mom and dad were going out together and were staying the night at this big hotel. I was in charge of the two little girls and their older son who was 16 and looked like a young Brad Pitt. That night after getting the two little girls to bed the son and I got to talking. He was telling me about some of the problems he was having w/ girls and how shy and insecure he was, he said he had never even really kissed a girl. I asked him if he wanted to kiss me just to see what it was like, well one thing led to another and next thing we were undressing in his room. We were doing it pretty much the whole night. The first time went quick but after that he was able to relax a little and was really something (I was even a little sore after, he was hung like a horse).

4. After college I found a job in a large mid-west city, didn't know anyone here, was bored and just for fun I put an ad on the web for my um... services. I met a lot of great guys, you would really be surprised and the money was fantastic. I have been doing this for just over three years.

5. I am now engaged to be married this summer (he doesn't know about any of this). I am still seeing some of my high end clients on the side and have told myself I'll stop when I get married, but I LOVE doing it and the money is SO good I don't know if I can.

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