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1.  I like to have rough sex.  My late husband was very old-fashioned so I could never tell him.  Since he passed away I've been indulging my fantasies and enjoying the things I missed during our marriage.  I feel guilty about enjoying it so much because I loved my husband will all of my heart.  We had a great marriage and a satisfying sex life.

2.  I was deeply in debt when my husband passed away.  His life insurance money saved me financially.  But I would much rather have him back.  He never knew I owed so much money.

3.  I don't want anything to do with my in-laws now that my husband is gone.

4.  I've been taking too much medication and drinking too much alcohol to deal with my grief and guilt.

5.  Sometimes I don't eat for days because I want to lose weight.  I would rather use my daily calories for alcohol.

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