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Think of the kind & nerdy cam fans!

1. I like to sit on my roommates couch naked when they are away for the weekend just because I know it would piss them off.
2. I always prefer the nerdy, kind guy. Cory over Shawn, Spock over Kirk, and Ross over Joey.
3. I'm an expert at flirting by electronic means. I can make any man *think* he's in love with me. This leads to me leading a lot of people on... I don't mean to do it, I'm just being myself.
4. I do my hair and makeup and get on webcam sites... sometimes dirty ones. I'm shy, but I crave male attention. When I was hard up for cash going into college, I even considered being a web cam porn star. Thankfully, I talked myself out of it.
5. I'm happy for the most part, but I consider ending my life every single day.

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