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1. I stayed with my husband for too many years even though I knew we weren't truly happy. It was a lot easier to stay with him than to try to start over. It was more like having a roommate who you had sex with. We lived separate lives and were really only together for holidays and vacations.

2. I left my husband for a family friend. As much as this guy makes me happy, I don't know if I see him in my future. He talks about the future but I kind of blow it off. Its not that I don't want someone in my life, its just that I think we have too many things standing in our way. And they are major things...I want another child, he doesn't want any. But the sex is so amazing that I know he is going to be hard to walk away from. He is the best I've ever had and I couldn't see giving that up.

3. I slept with my boss five years ago and no one ever found out. The sex happened a few times, it wasn't especially good and now we don't even bring it up. I know most people would think this is an awkward situation but they couldn't be more wrong. I'm perfectly okay with it. Its almost like job security since we were both married.

4. I've struggled with an eating disorder on and off for the past 18 years. I'm not skinny anymore just average but I wish I was skinny and I will be working on getting that way again. People lie when they say skinny woman aren't that good-looking, our society has made it so that the skinnier you are the better.

5. Sometimes I honestly think that I have no empathy. Mostly I couldn't really care less what happens to other people or if their feelings get hurt. I look at it that everyone gets hurt and no one stays around forever so why care. The only time this isn't true is for my daughter. I would do anything for her and she will always be my biggest concern, making sure she has a great life. As far as everyone else, not really worried. It's not that I don't do nice things for people or I'm purposely mean, I just mostly don't care how other people are affected by my decisions. I guess I'm mostly selfish for myself and daughter. And the things is, I don't think a lot of people even realize this because I do someone much for everyone and volunteer all the time.

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