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Be my Valentine

1. When I was younger my sister and I 'sexually experimented' with each other. She never realised I knew what she was doing. I knew, but I let her anyway, I don't know why and I hate myself for it, but I still hope she feels really guilty for taking advantage.

2. I've been in love with this boy for 2-3 years, we are just friends. I know he only likes me now because I'm dirty minded, I'd do anything for him not because I'm a slut, or dirty, but because I just want him to really like me for something.

3. All my friends use me. I think there is only one or two who don't. I kinda like the ones who use me, it makes me feel wanted for something.

4. I crave attention from boys, I don't mind if they don't genuinely like me. I just like to feel loved for that bit of time.

5. I'm not a very emotional person, and I like being alone alot of the time, but I just want someone to love me.


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  1. The best way to get attention is to be honest with yourself & do what you REALLY want to do -- people can't help but pay attention to people who aren't looking for it, you know?


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