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Snapshot of the human condition -- from a high school freshman

1. I'm only grandma had dimentia and i don't talk to anyone about it...and i'm so terribly afraid that i'll be like that when i get older. I could barely see her go through it...and i don't think i could handle forgetting everything.

2. I've looked at porn before...but i'm not a creepy little kid...just awkward.

3. i masturbate...and i used to hate myself for it...and i thought i was doing something wrong until i talked to other people on postsecret.

4. I'm straight but i've fantasized about girls before

5. I've seriously considered suicide before...

...but the thing is if you just look at would never be able to guess any of that

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  1. thing is, if you're 14 most ppl probably would think most of this stuff, at least if they are honest with themselves about what being 14 was like.


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