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1. My big brother and i experimented sexually when we were younger. What I realize now is that he was already having sex with girls and was just using me as a way to get off in the mean time....I try not to think about it but I believe it has a lot to do with.......

2. For the past year I have been living a double life as a gay man and a straight guy. I have girlfriends and boyfriends at the same time...only one of my friends parents are very religious and believe I am too

3. I have been fantasizing about having sex with a couple of one of my guy friends....but he's 16 and I'm 21......I know its wrong but I can't get it outta my brain...and also two other freinds they're 20 & 21 though but they are straight but sooo sexy.

4. I fantasize about killing sometimes..not that I would ever do it......but i just wanna know what its like

5. I am a chronic masturbater....anytime anyday doesn't matter I do it

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