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Is that you, Dr. Lecter?

1. I'm afraid what people think of me, and afraid they think i am strange. I do things i find funny that others think are weird.

2. I'm jealous of my best friend as she is much prettier than me and gets all the boys i secretly like, but then i fantasize.

3. I fantasize of strange things. Like getting raped and enjoying it. I lead men on so they want to fuck me and then i refuse to ever meet them.

4. i always lay in bed at night thinking what it would be like to kill my family..apart from the ones i live with. The way i want to kill them is Slice them up and feed the parts to my pet dog.

5. When ever i see a pretty girl i always think "damn she's fit" but dont dare tell any one as i know the people around me disapprove of homosexuals.

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