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Lady on the side

1. 2 months ago I found out my boyfriend of just about a year is married and I still stayed with him

2. I had sex with him the 1st nite we met and I met him online

3. I fell in love with him after a month and a half and when I met him I was still in a relationship of 11 years and with me knowing he's married and he's been playing both of us, I feel as if I want to sabotage his marriage in any way possible

4. I feel as if I should let him go but it's hard, I love him too much and I also love the sex!!! It's great!

5. Sometimes I fantasize about being with another girl


  1. Check Out the fan page on Facebook for a dedication to this post.

    - Nerd Grrl

  2. Ty for the dedication, I became a fan. Loving this site btw and was happy to see you guys had a fan page.

  3. You are most welcome, my dear. I know the founder of the site hopes to foster an active community for Five Secrets fans so I'm happy you found us!

    - Nerd Grrl


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