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Nice Christian Girl

I am an otherwise responsible mother and a good wife but every night after my 2 year old goes to bed I smoke marijuana with my husband.  I just love the feeling of relaxation being just a little high brings.              

Unless a charity involves babies, children, or animals, I don't generally give two hoots about them.  Adults that habitually mess up their lives and reach for handouts infuriate me.  I give money to St Judes every month because I think they are one of the few truly worthy and selfless charities.

I am racist against Arabs.  I try my hardest to keep an open mind when I meet one but they ALWAYS manage to live up to their stereotypes.

I am also ageist against old people and am terrified of becoming one of them.

If most of the people who know and love me knew half the things I thought or did when no one was looking,  they would be shocked and may not like me anymore.  They only see me as a nice, quiet, "Christian" girl.

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