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Serial killer waiting to happen

1) Any time a relationship gets serious or a guy tells me he loves me, I either break up with him up or sabotage the relationship. I then immediately find a new fuck buddy or hook up with an old one.
2) I am a masochist and getting a brand is more satisfying than an orgasm to me.
3) I frequently have rape fantasies and will try to tease guys to the point where they want to rape me. Some have felt guilty afterwards, but I was too embarassed to tell them they did exactly what I wanted them to.
4) I am an adult thumbsucker and cannot go to sleep without doing so.
5) I started wetting my bed randomly in middle school, and still do periodically... Especially if I've been drinking. I'd like to think I'm just an extremely heavy sleeper, but I'm always concerned it means I have the mental capacity to be a serial killer.

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  1. I love to tease guys like that to.. for sum odd reason its such a turn on! Once I teased a guy so bad he busted in his pants...another time I teases the same guy for a while and then gave him 3 seconds to rip my clothes off! =). This is one of my secrets cuz this guy is one of the guys I cheated on my bf with. I think I cheat for the excitement. Adrenaline rush! If he cheated I would tatally flip tho.


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