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Bad boys, what you gonna do?

I think I'm going for the wrong guys so right now I like someone that is totally out of my league.. He is really cute but i'm the good girl type and well, he's the bad boy!!!

I really really like this kid but I'm so scared I'm going to get hurt, he is on probation and we won't get to see each other when school Is done so that's why were not dating... But I feel like if we won't date he's gonna give up and find someone else!

I'm so damn stupid... I fall for guys soo easily and ugh, I hate it so much... I get hurt everytime!! Same boy, just diffrent names, ugh!

I don't think I'm pretty at all...

I think this is the 5th one but well... I really fell for this kid, the worst thing about it is my parents don't like him, my friends told me not to fall for him, and he is soooo damn sweet he gets me everytime :/

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