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1. I fucked the guy my best friend lost her virginity to.... he then told me, he only did it to get back at her... I only did it because I was horny and liked the fact that it was risky.

2. I steal clothing... a lot, like so much I'm starting to donate it to good will... I'm like the 2010 Robin Hood

3. In 4 years I've managed to sleep with 25 men, only 4 have made me come... and that was just because they ate it.

4. I hate myself for wasting so much time and money on my ex boyfriend, but I still want to just lay in his arms and fall asleep listening to his heart beat. I hate him but I'm so lonely.

5. My best friend and I basically had an orgy with at least 8 guys in this frat that we're friends with... at least 5 guys just watched and it was awesome!

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