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Time to make a few phone calls

1. My Opa was a Nazi sharp shooter. I'm not sure if I'm glad I don't remember meeting him when I was very young. As a historian, I would find it fascinating to interview him, but I abhor his values and attitude.

2. I have an uncle on the other side of my family who was a drug dealer back in the '70s. He's the reason that side of the family doesn't talk. I don't know if my cousins know because my uncle didn't want them to know that he wasn't always a 'good Christian', but now they all get high together.

3. My aunt has been in a mental hospital. She has also 'disappeared' twice, once to the other side of the country, then to halfway across the globe. I think it's because my uncle drives her crazy because he's such a pain in the ass.

4. I fear that I may be an alcoholic at times, especially knowing that my dad is one but won't admit it.

5. I think the only reason I'm not half as messed up as them is because of the amazing 'surrogate' families I had growing up. I miss them.


  1. there are no telephones in hell... Opa is dead.

  2. The title was intended to comment on secret #5 :)


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