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1) I was convinced to have sex with my cousin when I was 12.

2) I don't really love the boyfriend I am with now, but I can't confront him about it and break up with him because I am too much of a coward to have the conversation with him.

3) Every time I have sex with my boyfriend I want to cry.

4) I'm cheating with said boyfriend with a much, much older man. And I love the depraved things he does to me.

5) All I really want is someone to tie me up and keep me as a pet, but I don't know how or who to ask for it.

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  1. Should you decide to pursue your stated interest, please tread lightly. There are safe and tight-knit communities for those who chose to seek them, but there are also many more predators and posers who will use you without giving you the use you crave. You must learn to find those that are genuine. Always get reputable recommendations and this is a must. Be safe.


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