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Can't please everybody

1. I am terrified of death. I'm scared of my boyfriend dying, and my mom. They are everything to me and I don't know what i'd do without them. If they don't pick up the phone for some reason I get really worried and bad thoughts come into my head. I wish this could stop and I could think more positive.

2. I love my boyfiend but I don't feel accepted by his family which makes me sad to the point of where I cry. I've honestly never been anything but nice to them. I don't know what more I could do. We have been together a year and I've known him for 9 years.

3. I am scared of elevators and have been stuck/trapped in them over 3 times.

4. I have this friend and I don't like her. I use her for rides and someone to talk to at work and school. I feel bad for saying this but when I graduate I don't think i'll ever talk to her again, the part that makes me feel bad is she considers me her best friend

5. I don't wish that I could start my life over because i'm thankful for things but I do wish I could take a few things back.

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