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Nothing is impossible

1. I constantly worry what people think of me and my looks. If I have a bad day it would be because I didn't get hit on or my hair didn't look good. If I don't try to look sexy every day I could not handle the
comments from people at work saying things like 'rough night?' or 'wow you look tired.'
2. I really wish I could go part time and go back to school but every time I talk about it I am told how that is not possible. I feel I am destined for greatness but I will never be it.
3. I secretly really dislike certain people but they would never know it. I am upset with the way we all treat each other yet I support the war.
4. When I see young girls dressing provacative I know they will have sex with older men, probably do drugs, cuss constantly, pick fights and ruin their lives. Most of America's youth makes me very sad because they are bitches and bastards to one another.
5. I am so thankful for everyone in my life. I am very lucky and blessed. My heart goes out to those who are in constant struggles. I wish I could save the world, all the animals, all the living things. Sadness makes me sad. I hope my life is making a difference in this world.

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