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The exhibitionist virgin

1. I'm a virgin, and no guy has ever gotten down my pants. I always want it but then I chicken out and reject them.
2. Even though I hate recieving from a partner, I love giving. It makes me happy and I feel like more guys will like me if I'm always willing.
3. All my sexual encounters have been in public places. Theater, school, outside, etcetera.
4. I'm horny a lot. I masturbate to erotic stories and sometimes porn, but after I do I sometimes feel dirty. Girl on girl porn and makes girls etcetera turns me on, but I'd never consider being a lesbian. I love boys way too much.
5. I can't make myself orgasm. When I masturbate, i always get near the end of the job and then stop because I can't push myself any farther. I've also tried having my dog eat me out.

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