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The grass is always greener

1. I'm been dating this guy for about 6 months now but I honestly still have a thing for my ex... I've kinda been seeing him on the side..I feel terribly guilty but I can't help it... this is my first time cheating on any guy... not sure what I should do..

2. I've kinda been curious about the other gender after speaking to a girl... haven't had da guts to try something out..

3. I am very insecure of myself and my looks... not very comfortable for who I am... but of course my boyfriend says otherwise...

4. Never told anyone this..but I use to watch porn with an ex coworker of mine at work... he was so hooked on it... I peeked at a few things myself... and I would get extremely horny... no matter guy on girl action or girl on girl action... I am a horn dog... I hear it a lot from my boyfriend... but what can I happens

5. So my ex's girlfriend might be pregnant..and to be totally honest I feel extremely jealous despite the fact that I'm happy with my ex says he's still so into me and it shows..I am soon to hangout with him this coming weekend..

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