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I used to love that game

I miss my ex-friend, we used to be so close but stopped talking over money and I regret it but fear if I tell her it will never be the same.The one friend I have I wish I wasn't friends with b/c she really gets on my nerves and expects a lot from me and I don't know how to defriend her!  I think it would really hurt her but we are nothing alike and I am OK with my life.

I have always wanted to be with 2 men or a threesome with a woman who is really experienced.  Don't think I'll ever act on it.

I hate my fiancee on a daily basis and don't think it'll ever work!

I feel like a horrible mom.  I never feel like I am good enough. I hate my fiancees kids!  I wish he didn't have any!

I am addicted to playing SIMs and I am over 30!

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