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One of these is not like the others

The only reason I haven't eaten human flesh yet is that I can't find anywhere to get it.  But I know there are places and ways, and I'm getting desperate enough to start looking.

I am constantly mistaken for A) a gay man, and B) a theatre major.  Due to experiences in eighth grade (I'm a sophomore in college now), I still almost cry whenever anyone calls me gay, even though I'm a HUGE ally.  I'm proud to be mistaken for a theatre major, though - I just wish I could be as cool and look as good as them.

The vast majority of women I've romantically pursued have been lesbians.  Several others ignored and avoided me, despite how close of friends we were beforehand.  Part of me still wants to hold out hope, but part of me is completely done even trying - and that part is getting bigger every day.

My relationship with my younger sister is so bad that I feel awkward and uncomfortable when she isn't treating me like absolute garbage.  She has made every member of my family weep.  And I have no desire to repair this.  I always, always knew I'd be the good child.

I will turn 20 in two months and I have never had a job.  Frankly, I'm terrified.

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