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Make every second count

I have been married going on 3 years and I have yet to have an orgasm from my husband, however I fake it every time.  I wish I didn't do this but can't stop now.

My husband is well endowed and awesome in bed but I think I can't orgasm because I am asexual and don't get aroused by other people.  It's so much more than sex for me so I love him and have sex with him regularly just to make him happy.

I sometimes try out different accents when I am alone.  I also exaggerate my Southern accent when I am trying to get something from usually works!

My husband is not sold on having another baby.  If I decide I want one later in life and he doesn't still, I am going to stop taking my pill on the sly and get pregnant.

Contrary to the above statements, I truly believe I'm not a bad person.  I just believe that you only have one life and you should make it count.

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