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Nothing in life is above being honest

1. When I was young I would steal money from my grandparents so I could have school meals instead of packed lunch. I love my grandparents and want to repay them one day.
2. I used to play doctors and nurses with my cousins which is normal but I still feel dirty to this day.
3. My stepdad used to be quite violent but now I'm bigger than him we get on really well I just worry about my mum if they were to argue now I don't live there.
4. I've never been close to my brother as there's a ten year gap between us but I think I could teach him alot and I want to be there for him. I think it might also be because he has had a much more luxurious childhood than I had. I'm a bitter person.
5. I've been cheated on by two girls in my life and it really knocked my confidence I have forgiven them now but the damage is done. I just wish women would leave instead of lying and cheating. Be honest.

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