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Part II: An offer too good to pass up

[continued from previous post, Part II: A man of many parenthesis]

i kill cats because i hate them, if im working at my second job on construction and that shit is next to me my hammer will go through its skull, did it many times

the girl i love is the only hope in my life, i live for her, she's the only person that can fix me, every time i'm with her either out when it's double date with my ugly bitch and that sweet her and her ugly fuck, i'm different person, even my whore realizes it, i'm a sweet, nice person that loves life, but every time i drive home after i meet her it feels like i'm driving a road from heaven to hell, everything goes dark, life becomes complicated and unreasonable.

my dad is a pastor(( i know between good and evil, i know demons exist, i saw them too many times

i tried every single drug on this planet earth and ended up with weed)) and i'm proud that its not crack or math.

well anyways heres are just one of a million things that i wanted to spill out from my chest. i actually found this site just about 10 minutes ago and fucking damn i love it ))) shit by the way im looking for a girl)) in my area that wants to cheat on her boyfriend because like i said my whore cheated on me and i want to get back at her and maybe we could just stay in touch and make it a casual thing, you know. i live in San Diego, california let me know and i'll give you my email and all the other info ;)

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