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The Value of Abstinence Education

* so today i smoked like six joints with a couple of friends. One was my ex girlfriend, another was a girl my ex girlfriend "didn't cheat" on me with, one was my best guy friend, and some other dude. my ex wanted to have sex but i said no. lol. hahaha

* my boyfriend thought i was at home but i obviously wasn't. i was getting fucked up. not caring about life.

* after dropping my friends off, i went to my friends because i couldn't drive home.

*my guy friend and i ended up doing it. it hurt. i kept thinking his dad was going to walk in. not to mention we are both "in love" with our significant others.

* to make matters worse we just got back from our church abstinence retreat of which we were both chosen camp leaders. no condoms. good thing we don't lead by example but by trial and error.

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