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Longing for a different world

I love my wife but i think i'm tired of her. She won't give me any head or do any thing really exciting with me in bed. I told her i wanted a threesome and we even started talking about it but then she chickened out.

I don't really like white people. I kind of wish that history was reversed and black people started slavery. After all, look at the world now. Minorities pretty much run shit from the white house down. The white man is a dying race (thank god). There are a few who are ok, after all not all white people suck.

I wish i had 24 hours to do whatever i wanted. I would go on a murderous rage and fuck up random people who just looked wrong. I would take inmates on deathrow and make them fight each other to the death using nothing but their hands.

I hate people who care more about animals than other people.(usaully rich white people) the assholes who push their dogs in strollers or spend more money on their pets than their kids.

I really think i may be sick in the head. I want to have sex with a tranny. Post op. I just wanna know how a person who used to have a dick would suck one. I would also like to fuck just about every girl i know. In the mouth, in the ass,any hole, don't matter. I just wanna blow my load in their mouths. last thing i hate hollywood and everything about famous people. not that i'm jealous but it seems like when someone gets famous they become dumber. People like paris hilton, brittany spears, lindsay lohan, (mostly rich white girls) i just want to hate fuck the shit outta them then bury them alive. Like being rich is all that matters in life. Get drunk then go out and show the world your cooter. Stupid sluts.

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