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Hi All--

I'm sure that many of Five Secrets' regular readers remember a post, FYI: "fucked in the head" is a technical term .  It was possibly the most inflammatory post I've ever received and likely to offend most. I have since considered removing it, but thus far have elected to leave it up. However, it seems to have touched a nerve, and I have received a number of submissions that contain meditations on race issues, particularly those in the United States.

I received another such submission yesterday, and after some thought decided that as it was more of a monologue than a set of secrets and posted it on the FaceBook discussion forum for the site instead. This forum receives very little traffic, and I am aware that the anonymity which makes Five Secrets a safe place to divulge secrets is sorely lacking on FaceBook. I am in the process of investigating possibilities for a Five Secrets discussion forum and hope to have something up and running in the next few weeks. At that time, I will start posting submissions of this nature within that forum, and we can get a real conversation going. In the meantime, feel free to lurk the FaceBook board.

In other news, we are in the process of building a new "Pro" version of the Five Secrets app for iPhone and Android. Five Secrets Pro will allow users to view most (and hopefully all) past submissions as well as the comments on posts, whereas the current apps only allow the most recent 20ish submissions to appear sans comments. We're always looking for new ideas, so if there is something you'd like to see feel free to leave a note in the submissions form or on the FaceBook page.

That's it! I now return you to your regularly scheduled secrets. I'm posting an extra set at 4:00 EDT, and there are five more (at least) coming tomorrow.

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