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Denial ain't just a river in Egypt...

1. I deny being racist but I truly CANNOT stand most black people. The ones who act white don't annoy me in any way.
2. It's the ones who talk really loud, scream and act like monkeys in public, have gold teeth, wear shirts that look like freaking night gowns, know the "usual" things black people do.
3. When ghetto black chicks get all crazy for no reason and bump into me I truly wish I could punch them in their wide noses without getting shot in return.
4. I honestly know there are white people who do this exact same shit and I can't stand them proud of yourself and don't try to be something lower on the totem pole
5. I am truly not concerned when they kill their own kind and wish they would stop having so many fucking babies that I have to pay for with my hard earned money that the government takes while they sit on their huge asses and do nothing but collect wellfare!

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  1. U are so sad. All black people are not like that and I do advise u not to write something like this again because there crazy back people who will find ur ass and beat u


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