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Glad to be the first

1. I'm happily married but every time we have sex I think of a girl eating me out or me eating her's the only thing that gets me off.
2. I would love to be in a secret relationship with a girl that could pose as my "best friend" so he wouldn't be suspicious, just to try it out.
3. I am so sick and tired of being burdened with the finances while my husband lives a care-free and come home..thats it! I work 40 hours too, I cook, I clean, I pay the bills, I take care of the dog,..I do EVERYTHING and maybe I'd just like to be taken care of!!!
4. I think I am crazy..I have the weirdest, darkest thoughts some times and they come out of what if I take this pen and stab myself in the eye, or what if I purposely swerve into oncoming traffic..I don't want to hurt myself or anyone else its just these crazy thoughts that aren't my own that pop into my head all the time.
5. It really bothers me that I have these problems when my marriage truly is GREAT..we laugh a lot, have sex a lot, are very romantic and's just I sometimes think I should have given a girl a try before I got married to see if I wanted more..I just never had the chance because I have never told ANYONE how I feel.

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  1. Hey, my names Diana n im gay,.. the lil boyish type. I can really relate to ur number 4, I never thought I was the only one that thought like that. N about your gay thoughts.. hey its never too late. Yuh sound like a great person,.. shit, id love to meet a grl like yuh to take care of.. email me if yuh ever have a question, "p


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