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Five Secrets Virgin

It's my first time posting anything on five secrets.
1. I have been with my first boyfriend for seven and a half years and I cheated on him 8 times with four men and always have used protection except for one time which is with my second boyfriend and he is african. He is the nicest man I ever met. I love him but also I am in love with boyfriend #2. boyfriend #1 is sexy handsome great in bed big dick cheap and has little money to give me but I love him but is not in love with him. I don't want to hurt him anymore than I have cause I got history with him. Now the african man is a little chubby not too attractive cock is good not great buy me what ever I want or like. He also is 36 yrs old and my  #1 is 27.  boyfriend # 2 is very encouraging he has helped me build up enough of courage to start college this august 2010. Boyfriend #1 is a drunk but sweet sometimes. What should do? How should I break up with or both?
2. I live alone but every week end I spend saturday through sunday with boyfriend #2 and boyfriend #1 has no idea that I have been cheating on him since last year and thinks I am at my home girl's house. I feel fucked up cause I am torn between the two.
3. boyfriend #2 only knows I cheated on him two times but it's more like eight to ten times
4. He doesn't know that I want to fuck his ass hole so bad it crazy.
5. The deepest secret is that I suck my boyfriend #2's dick and I love it.

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