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*My biggest secret is that i have a fake high school certificate from a foreign country and i'm almost done with my bachelors in psychology here and have a 4.0 gpa so far
*i'm craving for sex for almost a year, i have dreams about sex almost every night and actually feel the sensation of a dick down on me...bad thing i wake up realising it was all a dream
*i wanna have sex like an animal with almost every guy i have a crush on but my innocent sweet girl image stops me from doing so
* i am not too racist but a little prejudice..hence i believe mexicans are the dirtiest baby making machines and i will never let a mexican guy touch me...nasty, even though i am dying without sex here
* i am really lonely, moved into a new place 3 years ago..i'm too busy with my work and school, no time to meet new people..this is the loneliest i ever got..maybe i just need to buy myself a dildo ;)

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