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I can't stand the phonies that get on here and talk about how good their lives are in comparison to everyone else. If your life is so good why are u so worried about whats going on in everybody else's life? NEWS FLASH you're the BIGGEST LOSER of ALL!

 I HATE compliment fishers (People who fish for compliments), I especially hate how they have found a way to not only annoy people in regular world but now in DROID world as well by describing what they supposedly look like as if anyone really gives a damn. I hate that the dumb asian broad on here lied her eyes out declaring how great her life is with her DD breasts.. yeah fucking right..I thought asians were suppose to be smart.. how dare you insult my intelligence by assuming that i'm retarded enough to believe you look good when you have the body of a 9 year old boy with stringy hair and a flat squashed in face with horrific teeth, and how could you possibly be doing so well when you're jus the dumb person that works at the front window in the dr. office making a measley $11.50 and hour.. we all know you drive an old honda and try and talk white and if you had one wish you would wish to be WHITE because you're a sell out to your own culture and you have not even the slightest shot in hell being  partially accepted by any other race except latino, black, or indian. What really gets me about how stupid you are, on top of all your flaws you're a hypocrite too. You talked about monkey babies that black people make but then you said you sleep with black men as if they were never the monkey babies you speak of and to top it all off seriously.. how dare you call black people monkeys or anybody for that matter when your race looks like a group of sloths with their shit pushed in only They the(SLOTH) have purpose in this world (Sorry sloth even your nose is more defined then theirs are).

I hate people.. I hate sell outs Sell Out - Someone who is so lost they Choose something else over themselves.

I Hate the White people that make me wanna declare all White people Dumb, though I feel I know in my heart all white people are racist by the veins that run through them. I Hate people that are small minded that live inside a little box and infect the rest of the world with their stupendous idiocy.  I Hate liars.. has it not occured to the world that if only one type of person was attractive and the rest really weren't there wouldnt be so many damn races.. Wake the HELL up people somebody's getting these people pregnant.

I hate WHITE AMERICA!!! I HAte with a strong passion Black and latinos that tell white people everyday by the dumb shit that you do how much they are better in every which way.. BLACK PEOPLE in particular are the dumbest of all for the simple fact of all the things they've been through they are so damn weak minded, in particular it's the men rather then the women that are so fucking dumb amd no i'm not just talking about the ones that date outside their race but the ones who are hassling you every time you pull up at the gas station as  well.. DUMB FUCKERS set BLACK PEOPLE BACK 200 yrs into slavery each time.
MOST OF ALL I HATE EVERYONE because this cycle will never end.

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