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Life is but a dream

1. The only girl I can imagine growing old with died two years ago.
2. The two things I hate most in the world are 'being angry' and 'feeling weak'. And all I can think about lately is how pissed I am about how weak the chemo therapy I'm about to go through will make me.
3. Got diagnosed with cancer not too long ago, I'm healthy 25 year old man, and am more worried about how this will affect my friends lives than my own.
4. Wouldn't mind having cancer kill me if it meant I could see her (#1) again.
5. Am too stubborn to give up, yet have lost almost all hope in humankind, and strangely enough am not depressed at all, but that makes me worry that I have lost touch and just laugh at everything to hide disdain...

Merrily, merrily, merrily...


  1. Your secret # 1 broke my heart. I hope your cancer goes away and you find another special person who makes you less pissy and who makes you feel strong. <3 Peace

  2. I've lost faith in humanity and do not feel bad about it, too. Maybe humanity is going to Hades so we all appreciate The End of Days when Nature finally strikes us down.


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