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Monday, April 26, 2010

You are very welcome

5. I know I'm breaking inside and trying to heal a soul that has been through a lot so its a mother fucker ....
4. The sister I love so much and love being in her presence we don't get along and its it's killing me because I was happy for a few weeks when we was talking ... but I can't tell her that I miss her ...
3. I'm in love with a man and I don't see my life being with him but he sexes me so good that I get weak to him ..
2. I'm so horny that I want a female head in between my legs in the worst way lol ,
1. I'm sleeping with this guy that I'm been dealing with for almost 4 years now, he is ok but I think I love it because he is hindu and sexy and smart and crazy like me plus, I love other races. to feel him sometimes it's like time stands still, our connection keeps me ... thank you for having this site ... its a blessing

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