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Mom can't put centerfolds on the fridge

1) I'm a High School drop out and I'm only 17 (Female) I don't do shit at all. I don't work, I don't help my Mom or anything. I just be in my Room sleeping or on the phone. It gets boring sometimes, I'm not even gonna lie.

2) I want my Boyfriend to fuck me through the Butt soooo bad. For some reason I like to feel the pain whenever I fuck.

3) I love to take Exotic pics when I'm horny and I masturbate with anything. My finger don't work anymore; I like it hard and rough.

4) My Boyfriend satisfies me, but everytime we finish I just want more and more but he only gives 1 round and he cums pretty fast. I don't tell him that I want more after we're done because he doesn't know I'm such a freak. I'll feel embarrassed if he ever finds out. He'll probably notice when we get married next year when I turn 18.

5) When I get older like 20 something, I would like to be a Model, like a sexy type of Model, more like a Sex Symbol. But I know I can't because I would be ashamed if my Mother sees one of them photos. But I would LOVE it ! I'm a very good-looking Girl and I know I can make it in that Industry, but I just can't :(

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