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Love as a mental disorder

I wish my boyfriend would eat me out more. We've been together for over a year and its only happened a few times and it wasn't good at all. If he practiced and with some instruction we'd have a better sex life.

I am more sexually freaky than I would ever let on to anyone including my boyfriend. I'm always up for sex and ready to try anything that feels good!

I always surround myself with needy people. I'm a very strong person but for some reason I attract "single white female" types or stalker people. I'd love to have a low maintenance friend who likes who they are and doesn't feel the need to copy everything I do!

I know I have two personalities. The one I show to everyone which is humble, modest, helpful, kind and caring "the friend who's there for you". Then the one that is behind each nice gesture and comment saying whatever you dumb F@#$! I sometimes secretly giggle when the other personality makes a comment because she is soooo right!

I have always cheated in every relationship I've been in within the first few months with the exception of the one I'm in now. I actually have no desire to even look at anyone else. I have never been jealous because usually I always have one foot out the door. This time I find myself suspicious, crazy jealous, and all about him.  I actually miss him when we're apart for just a few hours. Maybe I need therapy?

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