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No one is safe

I post on here a lot but my secrets are all true.  It feels really good to purge my thoughts anonymously.  I do not like it when obvious bullshit is on this site.  Grow up or get a life.  I want to hear from more "desperate housewives" like me.  :)

I am secretly wild inside and was the biggest slut before I met my husband.  I used to blow men just because I felt like it and never talk to them again.  If they could see me now they wouldn't recognize me as a devoted wife and mama to a toddler.

I would "do" Presidents George W Bush and Bill Clinton.  I have a thing for power but not for Black guys, sorry Barack!

My biggest fear is of going insane and killing everyone.   Everyone thinks I am so nice and I really am but the human mind is so unpredictable that I am really afraid I will lose control.

I have never done any drugs besides marijuana but the thought of snorting coke thrills me and want to try it after my daughter is grown and out of the house.  :)

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