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1. I've been off and on with you for 7 years.  Despite your Tourette's and the fact you're a little slow you're the only one who has ever made me fee truly beautiful clothed or naked, you're a fuckin' kinky freak, and I can't find that in anyone else, that's why I always come back to you.
2. I wish for my sister's death daily...I hate that bitch.
3. When I was a freshmen in high school I fooled around with my cousin at my grandma's house...we were sniffing paint. The only reason we didn't have sex was because I was scared if I got pregnant, what would I say?
4. Sometimes I think I might be a lesbian...I often dream of eating pussy and sexy girls give me a tickle down there.
5. I hate the way my pussy looks, its fucking ugly...if I was a guy I wouldn't want to go down on me either....tourettes guy don't mind.

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  1. If your looking for a normal but very freaky,kinky new play thing hit me


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