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Race wars

I'm a beautiful girl but never had a boyfriend because I scare them away with my eccentric behavior.

I often fantasize about traveling the world and the luxury life but tears fall from my eyes when I realize this may never be a possibility

Before my mom passed I think she hated me. I was a typical teen.actually better. I took care of her until the end and would have never left her like she left me and took my sister and brother with her.

I feel somewhat atheist. I can't believe that a God if any would punish us for normal human instinct and survival. I hate religious people passionately

To the racist people who post here..ok I don't like other races either but definitely the asian culture who thinks they are up there with us..yeah..haha..right...anyway my point is can we have some secrets inside of the obvious...which is racism..its kinda played out and I'm tired of fucking hearing about it. Nobody like no damn body..shit live with it.

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