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Not all addictions are bad

1) I used to cut myself, pretty badly. I still crave seeing my blood pour out of me, everyday almost. That slow burn afterwards is the most exotic, calming, and arousing thing I've ever felt at one time. And to watch your blood pool and flow out of's amazing. I don't hide my scars, I never did. I'm not trying to get anyone's attention, I just don't feel the need to hide a scar, it's in the past.

2) I want to cheat on my husband. The sex is amazing, yes, but I still want to feel someone else inside of me, pounding the hell out of me. I kinda want it to be with my ex fianće. I've already slept with an ex-coworker of his, but it wasn't good enough to satisfy me, it just made me want more.

3) I think I'm slowly getting addicted to porn, lesbian and straight. but I want to watch with the ability to join in, which is the only downside.

4) I hate simple/close minded people. If you can't get your head out of your own ass long enough to realize that not everyone in the world thinks like you do, and that they won't let themselves be conformed, you shouldn't be wasting the rest of our oxygen. Just die.

5) I'm becoming addicted to this site. I've already posted a few things and I'm not able to stop revealing myself. The funny thing is that my friends have read plenty of postings on here and still not realized that some of them are mine. How well do they really know me?

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