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Sunshine Sally

* Everything i read on here always seems to be bad or unhappy things so i'm gonna be one of them people who makea an effort to make this a happy post as much as possible :)

1. i love my boyfriend with all my heart and wouldn't change him for the world. Our sex life is amazing and he is amazing :) x

2. I have all the friends and family i need..even if i don't get on with my mum's side of the family...they ain't in my life for a reason :) x

3. I Love My Best Friend S.L.I.K she means everything to me and I would die for her :) but I wouldn't ever tell anyone this because they'd take it the wrong way :) x

4. I'm a city gal and proud and i really hate it when people call me spoiled because most girls my age who get spoiled are stuck up their own arse..and i really ain't like that..and would admit if i was..but i've been thinking lately..i always get what i want "is that good or bad?" :) x

5. Erm i basically feel like posting this because its 3:00 am and i can't sleep lol x

i tried making it as happy as possible :) x

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