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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

There must be a definition of sex buddy I'm not aware of

1) I'm deeply in Love with my Sex Buddy. He's my everything !
2) I would LOVE it if he fucked me through my Butt ;-P
3) I'm afraid if he ever finds out that I'm a Freak, because he's used to this "Innocent Quiet/Shy Girl"
4) I hate my biological Father with a Passion. He's like the WORST father that I've ever met !
5) I want to have a baby & I'm only 17. I just got a thing for Babies, but I don't know if my Sex Buddy is ready for it. I want him to get me pregnant soo bad. But the thing is that it never has happened,
As much as he cums inside me, it just don't seem to happen

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