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What a random ending

1. My boyfriend is the greatest thing on earth to me- I still slept with my old friend like 4 days ago.
2. I'm pretty spoiled by my family due to guilt because they abandoned me with my grandparents who then brainwashed me when I was a tiny tyke. My stepfather then accosted me the majority of my childhood on weekends when I was lucky enough to spend time with my mom, sister, and brother.
3. Because of the years of being felt up and such by my step dad, I trust NO MEN.
4. Honestly though, after reading so much phychology, I understand a lot of my actions and do not feel sorry for myself. Nor am I suicidal, depressed, unhappy etc. I live a pretty kick ass life except
5. I now have a complex about being a fat ass.

P.S. I also crack A LOT of racist jokes- but most of the time I'm not joking.

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