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Saturday, May 8, 2010

At least I hope these are Veteran Secrets...

Deepest darkest secrets? Okay. I have killed far more than I have been held to account for.

I have abandoned everything in the hope of the love of one woman.

I prefer being alone, and despise pity from others.

I would rather blow Migs out of the sky than have sex with any female.

No woman truly wants to be loved, cherished and appreciated.

Best wishes to you all

[Note from Admin to OP: Sorry for the edit. I never know where to draw the line on content that appears in addition to secrets, but you gave me a good dividing line. Nice quote, too.]


  1. That's not true! That is so not true!

  2. I got another submission the same day that seems to be from this same poster. Check out the discussion forum and see what you think!


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