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Best stalker ever

1. I'm tired of feeling like I need a Guy in my life in order to be Happy. I just can't think like that, I CAN'T cuz its breaking me down. Its like I depend on them and I HATE IT !

2. I think I can be a good Spy cuz I'm a good ass Stalker. I get the Answers to almost ALL my Questions when it comes to Relationships. I will know if He's cheating, what he's doing, who he's with ect... & all from my PC, but they NEVER ever noticed. I stopped all that though, cuz at the end I just end up with a Broken Heart & Tears.

3. I want to learn how to Cook. I don't even know how to make white plain Rice, even though I'm only 17, but still SHAME ON ME !

4. My self esteem is very Low. I get sooo Jealous of them cute Girls out there, I wish I can just look and be as prettier as them. Even though a lot of people be telling me that I'm "Beautiful" but I don't see it my self. I feel ugly in front of them, like I'm nothing. But that's just Life, I guess.

5. I'm 99.70% in Love with a Guy that doesn't love me back at all. I feel sooo sad all the time cuz of that. We're not even together and I feel like I've been with him my whole entire Life. Too bad we don't got mutual feelings, that's breaking me too. He broked my Heart quite a few times, but I always forgive him (Stupid Me). I shouldn't EVER met him that day !

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