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Good girl

1. When I masturbate I like to put IcyHot on my inner thighs. I feels crazy good! Give it a shot! I dare ya!

2. My best friend said she went engagment ring shopping today. We are both 20 and think it's too soon for her to be thinking like that. Especially with a guy she calls 'Mr. Right-Now'. I am slightly jealous but I don't like being in relationships so I'm also happy it's her and not me.

3. I colored my hair from my natural color of black to a natural red/golden-orange. I love it. It's so different for me. I like looking in the mirror like "who is that sexy red head!?"

4. I seriously need to get laid. I need to stop being a stupid prude by being a good girl and saving sex for relationships when I'm never in one!

5. I love my size 10 body. I love my sexy Latina curves. I'm super comfortable in my body until I hang out with best friend who's 115 pounds soaking wet. She's a sexy bitch that's for sure! Lol love ya girly!!

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