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1. You know I've had my share of men; and I've done quite a bit of bad girl things. But I can say that I am a freak!! I like freaky men and I like to do freaky things! Yes, I am kinda particular about my men! But, I have indulged in all types of men!

2. No, never; gotta take that back! I'm really not into women; but I had a close encounter! Women just don't move me like that! I like men! A dildo can't do anything for me but piss me off!! Everytime, I be pissed off!   Nah!! I'm straight aced! I've let myself go; and it's not lack of self-confidence! I've cut all my hair out my head & right at this moment in my life I feel like a homicidal lunatic!

3. Some people decided they gone terrorize me & make me follow rules that's actually told to me in an tranced state of mind! They mutilated my insides and call themselves embarrassing me by playing malicious mind games on me! I'm not afraid of them, because what don't kill will make me stronger!!!

4. They've been watching me! (you know like a STALKER!) Shits driving me crazy!

5. I'm really like; PLEASE! GIVE A SISTER A BREAK! I'm NOT A WHORE AND YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! GET A GRIP!!!  Hell, I'm going to have to get me a couple of body guards and a personal assisstant! So they can get these crazy ass people out of my ass! YOUR MAMA IS CRAZY! SHE IS FIRED!! AND YOU NEED TOO STOP TOO! BE A MAN AND FACE ME! IT'S PAST TIME! OK!!!

         P.s. I know ur reading me! Please give me some type of credit!

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